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Redefining Conference Booths? Yes we Can!

Amid the sea of familiar trade show booths at this year’s Multi-Unit Franchising Conference, Push once again helps Smalls Sliders “think outside the Can.” Our challenge was to encapsulate Smalls’ brand essence within the confines of a trade show booth, and we delivered an unparalleled solution: a design that invited attendees to step into a mini immersive “Can,” giving them a taste of what it’s really like to “Slide Thru” with Smalls.

Celebrated as one of the most unique booths at the conference, this marketing marvel ingeniously blended tangible brand elements with interactive engagement. It was a bold statement of the Smalls’ commitment to standing out in the fast-casual restaurant space and setting new benchmarks for innovation. The “Can” pulled attendees into the brand’s world with a 360-degree visual and educational feast that was impossible to overlook. Every surface showcased eye-catching facts and statistics about franchising, the brand’s core values, and mouthwatering menu offerings, leaving attendees not only with a deeper understanding of the brand’s unique market position, but also with the impression that they had experienced something truly extraordinary.

Our work here is a testament to Push’s ability to exceed the creative bounds of what an agency partnership can be. And a clear sign that Smalls Sliders is changing the game for fast-casual dining. This isn’t just a triumph of design; it’s a celebration of the collective efforts and progress of the brands’ development over time and a herald of its bold strides into the future of making Smalls, big!

See the full brand case study here: Smalls Sliders Case Study

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