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How to Attract Skiers and Snowboarders to Visit Your Resort

With ski season just around the corner, resorts are ramping up advertising to lure in the next season of skiers and snowboarders ready to hit the slopes. The good news is that travel demand and snow sports are growing rapidly. The trickier part is how to differentiate yourself from the competition. We’ve compiled a few digital marketing tips to help elevate your tourism marketing efforts.

Create a personal connection with guests 

People love to build traditions around travel, so incentivizing your guests to make your resort the place that they visit year after year only makes sense. You can offer a loyalty program that rewards frequent guests by providing discounts on amenities, resort services, dining and more. Or consider extending annual seasonal offers that guests can look forward to and plan ahead for.

Offer event packages

In a similar vein, you could consider creating special event packages that include accommodations, food and beverage specials, and event space that make

thumb tack on a calendar with the word event on the calendar

 your resort stand out from the pack for those looking to make plans for a large group. Keep in mind that per person pricing can often be an important selling point to those looking to book conference space, meetings, group events or weddings.

Have a sound social media strategy 

It’s no secret that you need to be taking advantage of social media, especially given how picturesque content is for the ski and snowboard industry, but it’s important to be consistent and strategic. Put plans in place to create your own content—beauty shots, behind-the-scenes footage and educational videos are a great place to start. Then execute on social media best practices for organic content—post on a schedule, use hashtags to help you gain visibility, jump on trends or memes if they are appropriate for your brand and repost or share content captured at your resort. 

Reach out with email marketing

Use your email list to send out monthly newsletters with promotional offers, discounts on equipment, snow conditions, exciting events at your resort, local attractions and more. You can also use email to break down more complicated procedures like booking a reservation, which can increase sales by an average of 20%, according to a DemandGen Report. And personalizing your emails with a special offer could increase those numbers ever more.

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For more marketing ideas, check out our work here and get in touch to learn more about how Push can help take your brand to the next level.