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Urgent Care Branding Tips For 2023

When it comes to urgent cares and medical assistant facilities, marketing may not seem like it should be a top priority. However, marketing is essential to ensuring financial success of the clinic, thus keeping your doors open to provide care for others in need. Some urgent care marketing strategies should include brick-and-mortar-business, out-of-home tactics, digital marketing and anywhere else your brand can be found by patients, to increase foot-traffic into your clinic. Follow these tips to learn how you can give a boost your urgent care advertising.

Tip #1: Create a user-friendly website and strong online presence.

Whether your business is in the restaurant industry or the health care space, a modern, professional and easy-to-navigate website is a necessity for any brand. However, urgent care sites add specific functions and design choices to increase your credibility and set up your website visitors for a seamless user-experience. Here are a few key components you should add on to your urgent care website:

• Clean & professional design: Just as your urgent care earns trust from patients being a clean and modern facility, your professional website does, too.

• User-focused experience: People looking for information from an urgent care most likely need to find it fast. You should have a simple navigation and responsive design to ensure your website can adapt to any device a potential patients could be using so they can find the answers they need now.

• Online paperwork: Speed up and streamline the process for your patients with online tools like online registration, medical records, test results, referrals, bills and more.

Whatever you decide to include on your website, information on clinic hours, location, services provided and insurance and payment types are non-negotiable and should be clearly stated and easily found by patients on your website.

Building SEO on a board

Tip #2: Implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO implementation is a great idea to increase traffic to your website. It’s also one of the best strategies to use for urgent care marketing. While it’s complex and can be complicated, SEO will get your urgent care found by far more people in need of health care. All you will need to do is utilize SEO-focused keywords, such as “urgent care near me,” and common conditions your clinic can treat to target people searching for those specific terms on the internet. This will make get your website found by those users.

Content on your website, such as blogs or landing pages, should also include rich keywords to increase the chances of your brand getting in front of the user. However, be mindful when determining topics to share under your brand because this will also increases the likelihood of it being shared. Make sure whatever you are writing about fits under your mission, values and brand guidelines.

Tip #3: Utilize Pay-Per-Click & Display Ads 

PPC can be one the of more effective urgent care digital marketing strategies to drive patients to your clinic. Because people who engage with PPC ads are 50% more likely to buy over visitors who found you organically, you can trust that this tactics will bring in more patients to your urgent care. Additionally, pay-per-click ads can help people address problems they are searching for, such as COVID-19 testing or on-site x-rays. By targeting specific terms, users will find your urgent care at the top of their results page, getting them the care they need quicker.

Tip #4: Have clear outdoor signage and billboards

The highest ranked tactic by perception of effectiveness for urgent care advertising is outdoor signage. This can be anything from billboards, to bus stops, to taxi toppers and more. The goal of this is to increase brand awareness and bring you clinic to the front-of-mind when patients are looking for care. You should ensure wherever you place your advertising it is in a high traffic area, convenient location and a clear space for it to be seen.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to enhance your urgent care search performance check out these tips to bring in more patients and keep your doors open to care for others. You can also check out the work we’ve done our clients here and see how Push can take your urgent care to the next level.