COVID Restaurant Marketing Communications

Satisfying Comfort Food Cravings

While people continue to navigate their new normal, one constant has emerged in dining: Guests are craving comfort food now more than ever. Diners report having a hunger for comfort foods 25% more than before, and 40% of them are motivated to order because of that craving. Thinking of how you can seize on this trend in your restaurant? Cozy up to the following tips. 

Hero Hearty Favorites 

If people are seeking out comfort food items at your restaurant, consider giving them special prominence on the menu or featuring them in promotions. Keep in mind that to-go or takeout messaging might be a great place to promote these options as those types of dishes tend to travel well.

If comfort foods continue to be in high demand, you may even go so far as to trim your menu and shift your focus to these popular offerings, especially if other particular menu items haven’t been selling as well. 

Focus on Family Style 

Comfort food favorites are often those that are easily made or served “family style,” like mac ’n cheese, pasta dishes, pot roast, meat loaf, etc. Are there dishes you can convert to offering family style to give them that added dash of coziness and convenience? Similarly, you could consider bundling these offerings with drinks or dessert to round out the meal. 

Add Home-Cooked Favorites 

Are there simple dishes you could add to the menu to enhance your comfort offerings? Soups paired with simple sandwiches could be an easy way to up your menu’s comfort food level. Soups are also easy to order large quantities of to save for later and offer that nostalgia and sense of home we’re all craving. 

Share on Social 

And finally, don’t forget to spread the word. Comfort food photographs almost as good as it tastes. Get up and close and personal with the dishes and post crave-worthy shots on social to really get mouths watering.