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Reuse and Repurpose: The Fastest, Most Effective Way to Create High Quality Content

Creating brand new content can be time consuming. Instead, consider repurposing existing content to give it a new life online. This will not only save you a lot of time and effort, but it will also help you grab your target audience’s attention and direct them to your site.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how you can repurpose your previously published content into digital media that can be used again and again.

Tip #1: Curate Content

Content curation is becoming an increasingly popular tactic among healthcare marketers and professionals in an array of industries. You can curate content by collecting information available online from other people and publishers and using it to your advantage. This can help increase the amount of content you produce and lower the amount of time spent to create it. Content curation also helps to add credibility and third party validations to your marketing efforts.

While you are curating content, you’ll want to look for something called evergreen content. Evergreen content is content that can be reused often and will continue to stay relevant over time. When repurposing content from other platforms, no editing is usually required.

Tip #2: Switch it Up

If you’ve created content that has performed well, why not give it another chance to shine? Changing the format of your content gives your audience more opportunities to engage with it without feeling redundant.

For example, the amazing infographic you created that’s chock full of information, could be transformed into a blog post to present the same data in a new, different, and perhaps more enjoyable structure for your audience.

Additionally, you can transform content you have created to fit different online spaces. You can turn lengthy blog posts or infographics into bite-sized pieces of content to post on social media. Alternatively, you can expand on pieces of information used in social media posts to create more in-depth content like a newsletter or podcast.

Keep your audience interested by using your data in different mediums. This will help your information look new without investing too much time collecting new ideas for content.

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Tip #3: Utilize Social Media Platforms

If you have content that is still valuable to your audience, consider using it on social media platforms. This will help direct viewers to your website while saving time and resources.

Content that is quick and easy to read will work best for social media use. By transforming your old content into more concise content that is better-suited for social media, you will be able to cross-promote across different platforms to reach more people without the hassle of creating brand new content for each profile you have.

Tip #4: Make Your Content Stand Out

Although you will be reusing similar information, you can still make your content impactful. Make sure the digital media content you publish is meaningful to your audience. Stay away from directly copying your curated content, but instead try to add your own ideas and insight. This will make sure your content will stand out from your competition.

Repurposing content can be an easy way to save time, but make sure you are creating content that is relevant to your content marketing strategy.

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