Retail Marketing Communications

Getting your Employees to Add to your Marketing Efforts

The people who can advocate best for your business are often the people who live and breathe it every day—your employees. They can be an incredibly valuable asset as you look to improve your marketing and communication efforts. So how can you utilize them effectively? Take a look at the following four ways to help bolster your bottom line with the help of your employees.

Listen To Their Ideas

Managers checking the list of products with employee

Your employees are often the ones closest to the day-to-day operations of your business, and they likely could provide critical insight into better ways of working or offer ways to get the word out that you may not have thought of yet. More importantly, they’ll feel more connected to and invested in your business when they feel listened to and heard. So make sure you have an ongoing and exciting way to collect their feedback and ideas, whether that’s an old-fashioned suggestion box, dedicated email address, or even a Slack channel where people can drop ideas or easily collaborate.

Encourage Them to Spread the Word

employee and customer using tablet computer in a clothes shop

We know word-of-mouth marketing works, and your employees can be some of your most powerful megaphones. In fact, 42% of online customers find recommendations from friends and family influential, and your employees can help make your business seem more relevant to their peers and social circles. So encourage employees to spread the word about your business via their social media channels, whether that’s posting about certain products, sharing their positive experiences as an employee or even just by sharing, liking or commenting on your brand’s social pages. To help incentivize them to do so, you could consider giving employees personalized coupon codes and rewarding those who help to bring in the most business.

Promote Employees on Your Social Channels

Manager making big plans on her cellphone

Put a face to your business by promoting your employees on your social channels. Not only will that help make customers feel more acquainted with your brand, but it could help your employees feel more attached to your brand and more motivated to re-share your store’s posts on their own social channels. For example, you could do short profiles on employees, have them take over your page or handle for a day to give customers a look into your story from their unique POV, or even write a guest blog. They could also demonstrate a favorite product or model new clothes, knowing that 73% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service if they watch a video explaining it beforehand.

Incorporate Them Into In-Store Marketing Efforts

Supermarket manager giving training to a trainee employee

Statistics show that 70% of customers make their final purchases in brick-and-mortar shops, not online, so it’s important that your in-store marketing efforts are equally as compelling as those online, and employees can be a huge part of that push. Start them off on solid ground and help them put their best foot forward with proper training. This will ensure they can effectively help customers, communicate your brand story and make visitors feel even more connected with your store.

We hope you’re able to apply some of these employee marketing tips to help drive business. For more on how Push can help with your retail marketing efforts, contact us or here or call 407-841-2299.