COVID Restaurant Social

Covid-19 Social Media Guide For The Restaurant Industry

To restaurants. The heart and soul of this country. You’ve served our communities when we’ve needed it most. So in these trying times, we’re here to serve you.

We know now that the restaurant industry we knew at the beginning of 2020 will look very different post-COVID-19. Changes to how restaurants can operate are being made almost daily, dramatically affecting every single member of the restaurant industry in ways no one could have ever imagined.

Many restaurants have shifted from full dining room operations to takeout and delivery only. While this change in operations is necessary to serve the greater good, we know it has serious implications for your bottom line.

So as you make this unexpected transition, we want to arm you with some tools to help you communicate to your customers that you are still able to serve them, only now it’s under their roof instead of yours.


Leverage these ideas as a guide to share real-time updates with customers as your restaurant navigates through the COVID-19 crisis. Feel free to use the sample post copy as-is or make them your own. Please be aware of the most recent rules and regulations in place in your community and adjust accordingly.

And if you need more help, know that we’re here. Email or call anytime and we’ll be at your service, just like you’ve always been at ours.

Quick Social Tips

With many consumers staying home in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, social media has experienced a spike in usage. This channel provides the perfect platform for restaurants to engage with customers where they are and continue to:

  1. Be responsive with customers in a honest and personal way.
  2. Drive transparency about your business operations and support.
  3. Instill customer confidence in your safety and sanitary practices.
  4. Share alternative services such as take-out and delivery.
  5. Remain top-of-mind for when customers are looking to enjoy their favorite meals.

Over-Communicate Your Operations

Whether your hours of operation are changing daily or weekly, communicate that as often as possible so your customers can plan their meals accordingly.

Provide all information about your third-party delivery or pick-up partnership service.

Sample post copy:

We’re open! And all of your favorites are available for takeout, delivery or carside pickup. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx to place your order or order online at [online order link].

Don’t forget you can find us on GrubHub, UberEats and DoorDash. Check out our menus on each site at the links below: [links to your restaurant’s landing pages on third-party delivery sites]

Reassure Customers About Your Safety Measures

Share pictures of your proactive safety measures and sanitary practices. Profile what your staff is doing to support these efforts.

Sample post copy:

We’re taking your safety extremely seriously. We’re [insert what your restaurant is doing, e.g. practicing sanitation and hand washing policies as dictated by the CDC and offering contactless delivery].

Here’s our manager, [name], sharing exactly what we’re doing to keep our employees and customers safe.

Tap into Local Engagement and Partnerships

Partner with other local business to do a promotion on social media. For example, coordinate efforts so customers can order entrées and desert from different restaurants all in one delivery.

Sample post copy:

We’ve teamed up with [other restaurant] to offer a dinner and dessert duo delivered right to your door. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx to place your order.

Focus on Food

Share menu items that can support either well-being or comfort during these difficult times. With the potential for limited inventory, be sure to highlight how it may have shifted your menu. Create meal plans or bundles that would allow customers to stock up. Consider selling your raw ingredients so customers can make their favorites at home.

Sample post copy:

We’d love to give you a hug, but in the meantime, we have [insert comfort food]. Place your order for takeout or delivery here [website] or call xxx-xxx-xxxx.

We know limiting trips out of the house is important, so now you can stock up on our [food item] and save for later. Place your order for takeout or delivery here [website] or call xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Consider Virtual Dining Options

Provide opportunities for groups to dine together at home through the use of Facebook or Instagram Live streams, watch parties or groups.

Sample post copy:

If we can’t be together in person, at least we can share a virtual cheers. Join us on [date/time] for our Facebook Live lunch hour and get some tips on how to make the most of what’s in your fridge.

Engage Your Fans

Don’t be afraid to ask your loyal customers for help. If you’re considering limiting your menu, survey your customers about which favorites they’d like you to keep or ask how else they’d like to support you during this time.

You could also work with hyper-local influencers to share their takeout experience, or surprise and delight some of your most loyal social media fans with a free takeout meal.

Sample post copy:

We’re simplifying our menu for the next few weeks and would love to hear which dishes you love and would miss most if they weren’t around.

DM: Thank you for being such a loyal customer and sharing your love for [restaurant name] with your friends. To show our appreciation, here’s a free meal for takeout or delivery on us! [insert coupon code]

Promote Offers, Promos and Bounce Backs

Promote your loyalty programs or develop a simple program to encourage consumers to take out from your restaurant.

Reward customers who use takeout or delivery with a bounce back coupon.

Sample post copy:
We want to thank you for supporting us during this time. Sign up here [link] to receive [promo] on you next takeout or delivery order.

Engage with Hashtags

Hashtags can provide value in a few different ways and should be leveraged depending on how they can work best for your client. Consider which hashtags to use when you are trying to:

  • Drive discoverability for your restaurant
  • Link to other content about a subject
  • Engage in larger conversations

Consider launching a hashtag challenge around themes like:

#diningtogetherapart or #thegreatamericantakeout.

Sample post copy:

We’re #openfortakeout! We’re here [days/times]. Place your order here [link] or call xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Have you found a new way to enjoy your favorites from our kitchen? Share photos of your orders and show us how you #dineathome.

Tips to using hashtags

  • Keep them short, unique and ownable.
  • Do your research before including a hashtag in your post.
  • Add hashtags in a comment after posting versus within the post copy.
  • Avoid spaces and special characters, like $,-, or %.

COVID-19 hashtags for food industry are:


#takeout[enter your city]










COVID-19 hashtags are: